What We do

The Spirits360 Shipping Solution Suite is a cloud-based platform which offers 4 key components to meet the needs of distilleries of all sizes:

  • s360Kiosk: On-site Kiosk/iPad Ecommerce Solution provides on-site, self-serve kiosks which allow distillery visitors to join your Spirits Club and easily ship spirits and other products directly to their compliant destination, while still at your distillery!
  • s360Club: Spirits Club Manager allows your customers to join your Spirits Club and to manage their membership information. Customers must enroll in your club during their visit to your distillery. Membership information can be used not only for Spirits Club activities, but membership information obtained through the Spirits Club Manager can also be used for your future distillery marketing endeavors.
  • s360Admin: Back office system to manage Customers, Orders, Products, Fulfillment and more.
  • s360API: Used for Point of Sale (POS) Integration. Verifies customer and shipping address as eligible to receive the shipment of spirits from a compliance standpoint. This component can be integrated directly into your current POS system by offering an application procedure interface (API).

States We Serve

Now serving California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & Washington!

See Distillery Spirits for the most up to date list of enrolled states and distilleries.

*  Visitors can only ship bottles if the destination state allows alcohol shipments and the location is not in a dry territory. Besides Kentucky, seven other states plus the District of Columbia accept shipped spirits. Those states are Arizona, Hawaii, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Rhode Island. Under Kentucky’s law, distillery sales for shipment must be made in person. Each visitor can ship up to 4.5 liters of spirits — which is six standard-sized bottles — per day. Taxes are paid on all transactions. Shippers such as UPS can transport the alcohol, provided they have proper licenses. The law also allows spirits fans to sign up for “Clubs of the Month” which distilleries can sponsor, enabling people to receive shipments of Kentucky spirits throughout the year. Legislation related to shipping spirits is constantly changing. Spirits360 is your dedicated partner not only ensuring compliance, but also taking full advantage of all new related legislation as it is passed.

About Us

Spirits360 was formed to assist distilleries in navigating the ever-changing legislation related to shipping spirits directly from a distillery to a consumer. Partnering with IMX Solutions Inc, Spirits360 has capitalized on IMX’s many years of expertise in building custom software solutions in the ecommerce and order fulfillment realm. IMX was already a certified partner with Avalara for tax compliance and has worked with UPS for over 20 years; both companies are pivotal players in our direct to consumer shipping solution. Spirits360 has also enlisted the help of Intellicheck, an industry leader for ID verification to complete the list of partners. With over 50 years combined experience providing technology solutions to corporations, including inventory management, credit card processing, cloud-based solutions, and ecommerce, the leadership at Spirits360 has brought together all of the necessary players to create a seamless, easy-to-use, compliant solution which allows distilleries to take full advantage of the vast sales opportunities afforded through direct to consumer product shipping.




Brew360 Coming Soon!

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